Market Research Company Success Story

We were approached by a major company in the market research space to redesign, build, and launch a market research platform that would help their organization change the research space. Working with major international brands, the client required the platform to represent their own brands while allowing users and respondents to use the platform without prior training.

We created a market research platform to help organizations identify important insights to drive business decisions.


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What we worked on:
Product DesignUser Experience AuditWeb Application DevelopmentResponsive Web Design
The Challenge

The organization identified that their existing platform was unusable by all types of users and actually prolonged their process rather than shortening it. As a result, their team of analysts avoided use altogether. Thus, we employed a Heuristic Evaluation assessment to identify opportunities for improvements.

The platform's user experience had to be revisited entirely and optimized for use by 3 types of users for 3 different use cases. To add to the challenge, we had to pack all the views and features onto a single page in order to streamline their process.

Moving to mobile in order to support the end-user was a huge priority for the platform. The move required multiple iterations in order to A/B test with users and identify the optimal path.

Our Approach

As the platform was planned to be part of the future of their business, our teams had to work very closely together, spending multiple days in workshops.

We conducted a heuristic evaluation across the existing platform and with their analyst team to identify the major pain points. After identifying the main interactions, we mapped out the entire user flow and revisited 4 iterations of wireframes to identify a simple and frictionless process. Leveraging a simple design system, we were able to quickly visit multiple design prototypes with their existing teams. During this discovery, we surfaced new critical team requirements to ensure adoption both internally and with clients.

In order to support the end-users and their various devices, our engineering team tested across all browsers for maximum support. Within 2 months, we created a reimagined market research platform that enabled their teams to launch studies quicker than ever and to a larger set of audiences and brands.

The Outcome

As a UX-focussed organization, we always aim to minimize friction for end-users, which we know will maximize adoption. We helped launch the platform internally and facilitate the onboarding of the first international brands.

The platform received a ton of positive feedback from their staff and helped the organization collect the user feedback needed for their clients. We're happy that the platform is growing with them and enjoying an adoption by many major brands and institutions.