Temagami Systems Success Story

Temagami Systems supports the energy conservation efforts of utility companies, their customers and other market participants. They work with over 30 electric utility companies in Ontario to process over 100,000 grant applications in the Save On Energy Retrofit Program. Submitting and processing an application through the Independent Electricity System Operator’s (IESO) website took up to a month. We were able to get this down to a matter of days with Temagami.

Worked with Temagami Systems to iterate quickly based on early-user feedback, launching a “10x” product.


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product launched

What we worked on:
Product DesignUser Experience AuditResponsive Web AppReal-time InterfacesQA Automation
The Challenge

When Temagami Systems approached Quantum Mob, they were working with another development team with a tight delivery schedule. The existing system was yet to launch and their clients were working on a sluggish government system and in need of a quicker and more reliable alternative.

Out of the box, the new system had to support over 100,000 existing grant applications with real-time collaborative support. This had to be achieved by the end of the year.

Our Approach

Our team embedded into Temagami's processes and worked directly with their tech teams and partners. We worked agile and demoed frequently to align with stakeholders, clients, and potential buyers.

Product Design & User Experience

We engaged our creative team to build intuitive and simplified application forms and UI, cutting out fat and decreasing the time required to submit an application from start to finish. Consistency with branding and design language was key in creating an intuitive user interface.

Web Application Development

With Vue.js, Webpack builds, and integration testing, we built a lazy-loading front-end that feels lightning fast. By modularizing code and following best practices, we kept the code-base clean and easy to follow, minimizing ramp-up time for new team members.

Real-time Editing & Support

Leveraging Firebase, we were able to build real-time collaborative forms for energy utilities to support their clients. Multiple users can populate form fields simultaneously and follow their collaborators’ actions. This sped up application submission, while also allowing support staff to see and engage with clients in real-time, minimizing turnaround time on support issues.

The Outcome

We created and helped launch a production-ready product that outperformed competitors, allowing applicants and utility companies to save time. With our optimized workflow, Temagami was able to consistently hit their deadlines, resulting in very well-received demos and new sales.

Applicant representatives were eager to get their hands on a system that improved usability and reduced the total number of administrative tasks necessary.

We cut average form submission time from up to a month to a few days, while allowing utility companies to provide live support to their clients, drastically cutting down support costs.