Puntos Colombia Success Story

Puntos Colombia is one of the biggest loyalty programs in Colombia, born out of a co-operation between Bancolombia (financial institution) and Grupo Éxito (retail) into one beautiful package. With each of their 12+ million members signing up, the program is on path to be very popular.

Launched a new reward system for Puntos Colombia members to convert their points into rewards within 6 months.


registered members


month timeline


secure web app

What we worked on:
Responsive Web ApplicationSSO SecurityLoyalty Points ManagementContentful CMS ImplementationData Migration
The Challenge

Building Colombia's largest loyalty platform within a few quarters was only one of the many challenges we were prepared for working with Puntos Colombia. Working with a large technical team internationally provided its own set of nuances. Developing a framework for engineers to work seamlessly was just as crucial as clear and effective communication.

Merging two massive sets of data for Bancolombia and Grupo Éxito was a complicated need that required complex planning and testing. Each company had multiple sources of data that were to be consolidated into the new program's database.

Our Approach

Developing a communication framework was the first step to ensure a successful remote-client project. We used shared Postman collections to mock and test APIs throughout every sprint. Agreeing on an engineering approach for everything from technology choices to commit messages beforehand enabled our teams to work as one. Teams communicated as often as possible through video, voice, and chat. Collaborative project boards and demos provided the trust and transparency required to work throughout the entire project.

Our engineering teams worked with their assortment of data models to clean, verify, merge, and migrate into their new schema. Secure data transfers and adherence to protocols met our needs as security was always top of mind between teams.

The Outcome

We built a successful product with a smooth transition from the old to the new reward system at launch. Puntos Colombia was delighted to see the point system transitioning for their massive userbase. Communication, collaboration, and transparency go a long way when working with teams across timezones.