Perks Loyalty Program Success Story

A perks-based loyalty program was looking for a new technology partner to deliver a strong experience on their web platform and mobile app. We revamped each of their systems, optimizing user experience and enabling them to handle a larger volume of users.

Revamped a perks-based loyalty program's digital platforms to handle a larger volume of users and optimize their experience.

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What we worked on:
Responsive Web App React Native iOS & AndroidProduct Design Relational Database Design NoSQL to PostgreSQL Migration Performance Optimization Team IntegrationExploratory Testing QA Automation
The Challenge

The previous platforms weren't able to meet traffic demands. Without a proper CI for the mobile app, a non-relational database for 1.2M users, and ineffective caching, their digital platforms weren’t ready to meet their growing demand.

Their back-end code base on Python 2.7 was reaching end-of-life support, meaning every single micro service had to be migrated over to allow the upgrade to Python 3. Together with the need for a complete database rewrite and migration, their GCP architecture had to be rebuilt.

With their young user base, performance optimization was a mandatory requirement in order to improve the overall user experience.

Our Approach

Agile: With three teams working on the same four platforms, SCRUM was key in allowing continuous team integration.

Training: We practiced continual training for their existing technical teams and support teams on the new technologies and concepts to ensure they would be able to provide independent support on launch.

Database Rebuild: We migrated from MongoDB to PostgreSQL while running a codebase upgrade and new feature development.

Python Upgrade: Every microservice had to be migrated and systematically QA tested for feature parity. Our QA team existing and expected results for functions and API requests.

DevOps: In order to improve feature velocity, we optimized their CI/CD pipeline for web front-end and microservices and moved the mobile pipeline to Bitrise.

The Outcome

We launched the new and improved platform to their users and integrated with their new partners successfully. We set up their internal development team for success by training and onboarding their entire team with the new set of tools and technologies. With the improved pipeline and infrastructure, the company is poised to support their growing userbase.