Healthy Meal Plans Success Story

Healthy Meal Plans initially approached Quantum Mob with a vision of creating a meal planning website which could inspire people to eat well & live better by offering users access to hundreds of curated recipes, letting them create their own meal plan, and generating a grocery list based on their plan.

Launched a responsive web application and Shopify store with purchase automation.




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What we worked on:
Responsive Web ApplicationCustomized Content Management System Shopify WebsiteProduct DesignProduct ResearchPayment/Purchase Processing
The Challenge

Our partner tasked us with bringing their vision of a healthy eating lifestyle web application into reality. They wanted to offer users the ability to not only create custom recipes, but also construct a meal plan by browsing through a custom collection of hundreds of healthy recipes using Search and Filter tools. Users would be able to easily design weekly meal plans and organize a collection of selected recipes by simply dragging and dropping recipes to the plan. Grocery lists could be automatically generated from the meal plan, and altered based on the users preferences, by setting the number of servings, adding any extra items, and checking items off as they shop. Users’ meal plans could be constructed manually, or pre-crafted meal plans could be purchased for a low cost, and used indefinitely, from the Healthy Meal Plans storefront.

Our Approach

For the MVP Build, Quantum Mob’s team collaborated with Healthy Meal Plans’ founding team to build out a world class user experience, by first focusing on discovering, discussing, and documenting the unique business and user needs in the health and wellness services space. A unique User Experience was built by Quantum Mob’s in-house design team, and validated through user testing, aligning results to a variety of relevant user personas. A functional and performant web application was built, with a customized Content Management System, which allowed for the seamless management and administration of recipes, meal plans, users, and content such as blogs and instructional videos. There was a strong emphasis placed on a seamless mobile experience, as a high proportion of users would be accessing the site on the go, or even while shopping for groceries.

  • Custom CMS

  • World-Class UX

  • Responsive and Performant Web Application

The Outcome

Early reception of the application was resoundingly positive. The website logged 10,000 unique registrations in the first week, and achieved a very high conversion rate for unique visitors to registrations. High registration numbers drove sales of pre-built packages, and most importantly the application was able to make a positive impact on the health and wellness of its user base.