Engineering Services

Engineering Services
    Software Engineering

    Quantum Mob is founded on software engineering principles. Our engineering team understands digital products and is trained to help our clients and partners get to launch day with high velocity and minimal headaches. We build for your users now and for your organization's future.

    Engineering Offerings
    Web Application Development

    Build and launch secure, scalable, and responsive web applications driven by user experience. We work on the latest technology stacks and architect a solution that's right for your business.

    Mobile Application Development

    Native iOS, native Android, or performant cross-platform React Native mobile applications that your customers will fall in love with. We build mobile experiences that optimize your buyer journey.


    Build a custom e-commerce store to serve clients globally and work with our partners for top-tier support. Whether you need to build a Shopify store, use the API, or roll your own, our trusted experts can help.

    API Development

    Build and launch RESTful, secure APIs that will enable your organization's digital transformation. Integrate with services and external partners within your security protocols.

    Cloud-native Architecture

    Containerized microservices allow your applications to scale reliably, securely, and easily. Reduce the overhead of managing servers and minimize deployment risks to enable higher development velocities.

    Team Enhancement

    Team augmentation with a twist. We champion processes that work best among top performing software teams and add the value of our consultative approach that integrates seamlessly with your teams.

    Technologies We Use
    Our Approach

    We care about developing our engineering culture with a focus on innovation. We strive to achieve trust and transparency by sharing what we’re building internally with our clients and partners when working closely with their teams.


    Agile is necessary for effective digital change. We help our clients become more agile natively by embedding our constantly improving agile product approach with our teams.

    Release Management

    Launching new releases shouldn't be a complicated task. With GitFlow, migrations, and infrastructure-as-code, we simplify launches and are able to manage releases effectively.


    Collaboration is the key to innovation. We believe in transparency, frequent demos, and shared spaces with our clients and partners. Clear communication and collaboration is how we succeed.


    Our build pipelines ensure we can delivery faster, more securely, and more robust. Automate builds, unit tests, accessibility, and vulnerability screening.


    Application security should be proactively embedded into development processes. We implement best practices and industry protocols to ensure your data is safe.


    Building scalable applications is what we do. We understand performance. We take future phases into account when architecting solutions.