Case Study

Puntos Colombia

Colombia's national loyalty program


Puntos Colombia is one of the biggest loyalty programs in Colombia, born out of a co-operation between Bancolombia (financial institution) and Grupo Exito (retail) into one beautiful package. With each of their 12+ million members signing up, the program is on path to be very popular.


Puntos Colombia
(Responsive Web Application)

What we did

  • Responsive Web App Development
  • User Data Migration
  • Profile Management
  • Web Security
  • Loyalty Points Conversion
  • Content Customization (using Contentful)


We treat challenges as opportunities for us to adapt and learn how to be efficient working with an international client.

Bridging two different sets of user database together made the registration process a very complex problem to solve. Through flexibility in our development process we were able to build a successful product with a smooth transition from the old to the new reward system.

The product team is based in Colombia, so we have to be adaptable when they change requirements rapidly. We are very fortunate to have a team member who works remotely in Colombia. Whenever we encounter a communication barrier with our client, our team member was always there to help. Having a solid foundation of communication is critical for the health of a project. As Quantum Mob is based in Toronto, we flew into Colombia frequently to bridge the gap between clients and the users.


Our role was everything front-end and third-party systems integrations. We worked on responsive pages, migrating user data, profile handling, security, points conversion, and content customization for their marketing department.


We tried notebooks and productivity apps but we found two tools which worked the best out of all of them. During development we used Trello for tracking and planning our tasks and for communication we used Slack. When we needed more communication, we flew down to Colombia for face to face meetings. It took us 6 months of development and we can now look back to say “We Made It!”

Results & Takeaway

It was a successful launch and the clients were delighted to see the point system transitioning optimally. Communication is key to resolve issues accurately, so end users will have a smooth reward experience. We understand there are time and distance differences, so we try to work around the clock to be as flexible as possible.

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