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Local Food & Drink Deals


Dealmap was an idea incubated internally by the Quantum Mob team. The idea was conceived during a team outing, and was made into a reality through months of internal planning, design, and development sprints. The development of the Dealmap product was an exercise in process; beginning as a paper prototype, evolving into a web application, and eventually a cross-platform mobile app.


(Web Application / iOS Mobile App / Android Mobile App)

What we did

  • Branding & Marketing
  • User Experience Design
  • User Interface Design
  • System Architecture
  • Database Design
  • Responsive Web App Development
  • React Native Mobile Development


Our team was trying to deciding on a restaurant for a team outing and eventually chose a nearby bar with a happy hour beer & wing special. We wanted to keep this information on hand, so we could budget for our mechanical keyboards and still enjoy the best food and drinks daily.

We conceptualized the idea that is Dealmap over drinks that night and booked a weekend hackathon to develop an initial Proof of Concept.

Proof of Concept

2-day Web Prototype
First Mobile Version


After the 2-day hackathon, we had a functional prototype that consisted of a secure API, deal tracking web application, and an admin interface to add and update deal information.

We started combing the streets to gather data on deals and promotions to populate the app.

Over time, friends and family asked for access to our web application and urged us to make Dealmap an app, and release it for public use. We spent time building a React Native mobile app on our evenings and weekends, allowing us to launch on iOS and Android simultaneously within a few short months. We even hired an intern to act as our Dealmap Ambassador, making initial contact with local bars and restaurants with hopes of collecting data and forming partnerships.


Our process involves end-to-end iteration to keep the app agile and always steering towards product-market fit. We developed a marketing strategy to target social networks and create event-based blog posts. We looked to partner with social influencers and foodie blogs.

User Experience & User Interface Design

When building the mobile app, we looked at popular map-based apps for inspiration. Traffic, Google Maps, Airbnb, Uber, to name a few. We decided on one screen, with one core feature for launch. The map and list combo view. This kept the app minimal and focused, resulting in an intuitive user experience

Web Application Development

React, GraphQL, NodeJS, MongoDB. We decided on technologies that allowed for quick experimentation and iteration with a proven track record. Our docker environment allowed us to scale our API on the fly.

Mobile Application Development

We wanted to deploy to iOS and Android and take the world by storm. With React Native we could accomplish this at the high velocity we love, while enjoying snappy native performance that makes the app a joy to use.


We decided to spread the Dealmap brand by publishing blog posts and engaging social media as soon as our PoC was complete. It would be months before launch, allowing just enough hype to build before we released on the Apple App Store and Google’s Play Store.

Results & Takeaway

At the end of the day, the results are the only thing that matter. Our app facilitates growth, exposure, and foot traffic for bars and restaurants while simultaneously saving users' time and money and adding variety to their regular outings.

We’ve been struggling to keep up with user demand and feature requests. We have a roadmap for marketing and eventually monetization. Thanks for joining us on our Dealmap journey. Now some entertaining, yet effective, Facebook Ads.

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