Case Study

AIR MILES® Merchandise

A LoyaltyOne Company


The AIR MILES® Reward Program is a loyalty program that services 11 million customers across Canada. AIR MILES Collectors can redeem the AIR MILES Reward Miles they collect for merchandise, travel tickets, stage and attraction passes and more. For this particular project, our client, LoyaltyOne (the company that owns and operates the AIR MILES Reward Program), tasked us with building their new Merchandise web portal for processing all physical redemptions site-wide.


(A LoyaltyOne® Company)
(Responsive Web Application)

What we did

  • Fullstack Development
  • Responsive Web App
  • Web + API Security
  • Localized Content Management
  • CMS Support
  • 3rd party API integrations
  • High Volume Optimization
  • Order Tracking & Checkout
  • QA Testing


LoyaltyOne reached out to us because of our previous success with building other rewards-focused products. Targeting the busy Christmas and Black Friday seasons, LoyaltyOne was in need of front-end expertise to help them launch the AIR MILES Merchandise Portal smoothly, and on time. In a partner, LoyaltyOne required a team with experience working with complex applications, and building products with tight deadlines.

Given the limited time, communication and planning were vital in bridging the gap between the Content, UX, and Development teams.


The previous AIR MILES Merchandise site was not optimized for mobile and updating to a modern framework was a priority, so we built the portal from scratch with React.js and Redux. The end result was a responsive and server-rendered web-app that handles authentication, security, content management, order tracking, checkout, and high volume traffic.

The end result was a greatly improved user experience. The site is more performant in loading information, and there are plenty dynamic interactions for users to engage throughout the site.

In addition, we built a reusable library of components that can be applied conveniently to any future projects, increasing development efficiency as well as consistency across the AIR MILES brand.


Due to the high visibility of their site, it was ever more imperative to make sure the new AIR MILES Merchandise was free of bugs, so we performed unit and end-to-end tests with Jest and Nightwatch. For build and deployment we utilized Jenkins + Docker.

Because AIR MILES is a staple across Canada, this needed to have flawless bilingual support. We constantly tested both versions in tandem before any code was deployed.

We consistently strived for open communication, so we had daily scrum meetings, onsite days, a dedicated Slack channel, their issue tracking of choice to keep projects on track, and demos every two weeks in front of stakeholders.

Results & Takeaway

The launch of the AIR MILES Merchandise Portal was a great success and the folks at LoyaltyOne were so content with our service that they opened up opportunities to collaborate further on future projects. It was also a high point in many of our careers to know we worked on such an impactful project with such a great team and a client that couldn’t have done more to ensure success. RewardOps was great to work with and provides a great rewards redemption SaaS platform.

A big shout out to LoyaltyOne and RewardOps for working so closely with us those 3 months and fighting the good fight together.

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