Initial Engagements

Initial Engagements
    What Is It

    By working as a strategic partner to our clients, we've uncovered the common pain points organizations encounter when building products. To identify and tackle these challenges, we have created a suite of short-term offerings. Work with our experts today for a low-commitment first step into solving your organization's digital challenges.

    Types of Engagements
    Accessibility Audit

    Inclusive design is more critical than ever. Create a path to become AODA and WCAG compliant. Learn what changes are necessary and how to set up your teams and processes to bake accessibility in.

    Product Sprints

    Our Product Sprint is a marriage between Product Strategy and Design Thinking. Startup founders and companies in early product discovery can understand the full potential of their new digital product. Solve big challenges quickly.

    Platform Analysis

    Conduct an in-depth analysis on your current platform or codebase. Learn about your risks, performance bottlenecks, key improvements, and opportunities for scaling. Talk to an expert today.

    UX Audit

    Get a second opinion on your user experience and identify areas of improvement backed by our expertise. Our design team will report and recommend actionables to take your digital user experience to the next level.

    Our Approach

    Work with us on an Initial Engagement starting from as little as a week. We'll recommend the duration to achieve your desired outcome. From there, we'll compile a detailed report and presentation to help you understand your current state and your next actions.