Webinar: Improve Your Customer Experience Through Web Accessibility and Inclusion

1:00pm EST / 10:00am PST
Wednesday, July 28th, 2021

There are 1B+ websites in the world today and yet less than 2% are accessible to people with disabilities. Enjoying a seamless digital user experience is everybody’s right but 20% of the world’s population with disabilities struggle to effectively access a website which leads to a poor user experience and loss of revenues for many businesses.

The global pandemic forced organizations to reassess their digital priorities, pivoting from a 3-year step-by-step process to an intensive 3-month accelerated implementation with budgets focussed towards getting a stronger digital presence. Going digital is no longer an option, but a necessity. 

Why is Web Accessibility becoming table stakes?

Through an accessible website, your organization can capture a huge, overlooked market share, boost brand value, and reduce your legal risk. Building accessibility into your development process and reaching your compliance goals shouldn’t be disruptive to your organization’s development velocity, or business operations. In fact, an inclusive website increases brand loyalty and enables your organization to access a “hidden” market of $490 billion.

As a leading digital innovation provider, Quantum Mob has built numerous digital platforms for organizations across the world. And, we have always empowered our customers to be aware of the various benefits of building an accessible website to make the web a better place. 

This is why we hosted a live webinar with industry experts from Air Miles and Siteimprove who helped our attendees understand the importance of championing web accessibility and digital inclusion at their organization to drive digital growth and improve customer experience. 

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What you'll learn
  • Organizations need to be accessible. 2020 saw the majority of businesses go online. Businesses should consider their digital storefront as the more accessible option to cater to customers.
  • AODA-Accessibility for Ontarians with Disabilities Act and WCAG-Web Content Accessibility Guidelines are determined to ensure that people with disabilities are barrier free socially and technologically by 2025. 
  • Air Miles’ philosophy and approach towards accessibility are all about incorporating accessibility as one of the strategic pillars in their larger Diversity, Equity and Inclusion strategy.
  • Accessibility can be viewed from the lens of design thinking. Start with empathy, build user personas, and visit your user experience from the perspective of those personas. This leads to an accessible outcome.
  • Organizations need to include a new skill-set for accessibility into their employees’ career progression framework so that engineers, designers, and product managers can understand more about accessibility as they grow.
  • Championing web accessibility at an organization begins at the top of the leadership followed by training staff, educating them, adhering to the regulations, and finally regularly maintaining and committing to stay on track.
  • The future is constantly changing for digital accessibility as it expands outside of web into mobile, AR, VR, wearables, etc. Guidelines are evolving with people’s needs.
Eric KimCEO & Co-FounderQuantum Mob
Senior Accessibility & Digital Inclusion Advisor
Jennifer ChadwickLead Accessibility Strategist | Inclusive Design AdvocateSiteimprove
Helen SchroederUX Design & Accessibility ManagerAir Miles