Written by Joel Honasan & Mark Prince

How Launching a Podcast Is Making Us a Better Company

Apr 30, 2019 · 2 min read

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In case you haven’t heard, we’re launching a podcast. It’s called North Report, and we’re featuring insights on running a tech business in Toronto and beyond. You can catch new episodes starting on May 15th.

When we decided to bring this idea to life, we knew Quantum Mob had great strengths to bring to the project. Our team is full of smart and engaging people, we have a wide network of fascinating potential guests, and our perspective as a fast-growing startup means there’s no shortage of topics we’re excited to explore.

On the other hand, we had no experience running a podcast. Getting this thing off the ground has taken some improvisation, a lot of fast research and the help of our friends. A few quick lessons so far:

  • A quality microphone is just the beginning - getting good audio quality is a tough job with a lot of moving parts.

  • You never know where a discussion is going to go. Think on your feet and expect the unexpected.

  • Podcasts are hard.

Britton and Sameer recording episode one

In the end, we’ve had to approach the podcast the same way we’d work any other problem. We put together a dedicated team, found the resources and experts we needed to fill in the gaps, and iterated quickly on our failures. The risk is paying off; not only are we excited about the first few episodes we have to share, but our team has benefited from the journey.

To stay relevant, excited and oriented towards growth, companies need a dedicated team that knows how to take risks, put themselves out there and work together toward corporate success - whether it’s for a podcast or a client project. North Report is going to bring great new perspectives from the Toronto startup space, so be sure to tune in for our launch on May 15th. See you then 🙂

Follow us on IG @The_NorthReport and visit us at http://northreport.ca

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