3 Ways to Keep Your Customers Coming Back

Purolator is celebrating its 60th year in business with a $1 billion dollar investment in digital, data and customer service.

Keats Jabri-Pickett
Dec 16, 2019
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Purolator is celebrating its 60th year in business with a $1 billion dollar
investment in digital, data, and customer service. As Canada’s leading courier company, they are in the business of consistently delivering the promises made to their customers. Purolator recognizes that the delivery business has grown into an extremely complex venture due to the rise in e-commerce. By incorporating smart marketing strategies and custom technology, they knew they needed to invest heavily in their broad customer base to stay ahead of the curve.

How do they plan to successfully compete in a rapidly changing market? We had the pleasure of speaking with Stacey Cummings, the Head of Customer Solutions Marketing at Purolator who gave us three pieces of sound advice on how to keep your customers coming back.

Iterate and Improve

The first step to corporate longevity? Stay close to your customers to drive constant iteration and improvement. To succeed in competitive climates, teams need to adapt quickly and always be learning from past experiences.

Your sales and marketing teams are the people collecting data and relaying information back into your workflow. These two teams need to be integrated and work hand-in-hand looking for the best ways to improve your business.

Building valuable relationships with customers and listening to customer feedback will
lead you to discover ways to improve your company’s lifelong commitment to them.

Integrate Technology to Leverage Your Data

Successful customer experience and retention rely on a brand’s ability to integrate technology. Digital solutions provide an open gateway to business-customer interaction where you can capture so much more consumer data than ever before.

A recent study showed that 86 percent of consumers will pay more for outstanding customer service. When brands adopt innovative technology, they have a better opportunity to cater to and react to their consumers, thereby increasing their revenue stream.

Focus on the Customer

The fundamentals of loyalty and retention remain the same; focussing on
your customers will build a foundation of trust and will keep customers
coming back.

Technology can enable brands to foresee information and challenges that may affect workflow and therefore affect the customer. Consumers want everything faster and more convenient.  Gain your customer’s respect by anticipating their needs and they will repay
you in loyalty.


Purolator’s commitment to modernize its distribution network shows what is needed to be a leader or even a fast follower in a digitally transforming environment.  Iterate and improve your business, integrate customized technology and focus on your customer’s current and future needs - valuable advice to keep ahead of your competitors and to keep your
customers coming back.

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